We at Swapn have been involved in several projects such as  
Eye Care Camps

Swapn along with ServeSamman conducted Eye Care Camps in various phases across different  locations in Delhi from December, 2012 onwards These camps provide people with free of cost eye check-ups  and spectacles. About 4,848 people have visited the camps where 1,614 spectacles have been provided to them and 637 cataracts have been diagnosed by the camp doctors. The camps also take the onus of providing free cataract surgeries along with Eye Care

Donation in Kind

As a part of a support endeavor Swapn distributed blankets to Earth Servers, NGO, Blind School and Basti People.  We at Swapn also provide food to blind children studying in Janta Andh Vidyalaya.

Public- Police Partnership

An ongoing project with the Delhi Police in which workshops are being conducted for the Self- Development, Gender Sensitization and Stress Management of the Police Officials under the South-East District. The project started since Jan 2013, and has been covered in various media channels such as Delhi Times, Times Of India, Navbharat Times, National Duniya etc. As a part of the project, workshops are conducted with officers at all levels. So far the 20 workshops have been conducted with over 700 officials.

Crisis Intervention Cell

Our counselors are also currently a part of the Crisis Intervention Cell of the Delhi Police which mainly looks at providing help via counseling to the rape victims as well as their families. In this venture our counselors go to the site where the rape has taken place and counsel the victims there
  Self- Development Workshop in Restaurants

An ongoing initiative by Swapn for the personality development of lower-end staff in restaurants across Haus Khaz Village, New Delhi. Workshops are being conducted for the personality development as well as communication skills enhancement of people from lower strata of the society and working in the hospitality industry
  Uttrakhand Flood Relief Camps

Swapn in collaboration with ServeSamman is working tirelessly towards helping the flood victims in Uttarakhand. So far 5 truck loads full of food, clothes, tents and other necessities have been sent to Uttrakhand to help the victims rehabilitate. Two of our team members are placed in Uttrakhand constantly and are helping the victims rebuild their homes.
  Flash Mob  
NGO SWAPN in order to lend a supporting hand towards the flood victims, organized the FIRST EVER CHILDREN'S EQUALITY FLASH MOB with over 150 privileged and underprivileged children. 'THE UNIQUE BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS' has listed us as the FIRST EVER CHILDREN'S EQUALITY FLASH MOB IN THE WORLD. By organizing the flash mob our intention was to make the children aware of the Uttrakhand Floods as well as make them sensitive by bringing the children together in support of the victims. Through our endeavor, we were hoping to impart a sense of equality, humanity and cohesiveness among the children. Alongside the aim of our current initiative was to boost their creativity, self-confidence and enhance a sense of individualism in the children from all over Delhi. The participants were trained by trainers from Shiamak Davar. The event was a huge success and was widely covered by various news channels such as Aaj Tak, Sahara News, Tez, India Tv, Tv9 etc, various national dailies such as Delhi Times, Times of India, The Pioneer, Telegraph, Hindu, Punjab Kesari, Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagran etc. Our event was also covered and publicized widely by almost all major radio channels such as Radio City, 93.5 Red FM, 94.3 My FM, 102.6 Rainbow Fm, Fever 104 etc.
  Mentorship Program
Continuing our aim of EQUALITY for the underprivileged & privileged kids together NGO SWAPN has started a MENTORSHIP PROGRAM in which a group of privileged kids from SWAPN go to slums, regularly and mentor the children there for whatever little our children can teach. For example, Games: these underprivileged children have no exposure to games like SCRABBLE, CHESS, Read Aloud Stories: In which the privileged kids go and read out moral stories in english and hindi, while the underpriviliged children follow them, Art and Clay Modelling which are children are very well acquainted with. Hence we plan, that our kids choose one or two things whatever they are very comfortable with and go and teach the children there. So far students from Step by Step World School, The American School, Pathways World School, R.D. School, Delhi University and Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) have been a part of the program.
'I Lead India' is an initiative by the Times group, driven towards bringing about a change in the country by the people themselves. Its an initiative that is currently active in 27 cities of India. The I Lead India Youth Brigade is an activist programme which seeks to mobilize the youth, between 18-24 years of age, to make them agents of change. In everycity 5 members are selected as Youth Brigade who then bring about a change under the able guidance of an experienced mentor. Dr.Rachna K Singh and Khushi Soni have been selected as the official mentors for the Delhi chapter of Ilead, guiding and directing the Youth Brigade in ways that a change can be brought about in the city.
NGO SWAPN' along with Game on India, organised Devils Circuit a five kilometers of undisguised sadism. A race with Mud, freezing water, fire, ropes, concrete wall that block one's path . The course was designed to test the participant's endurance, strength and spirit.
NGO SWAPN in association with Prabhaav, organized a Garba Dandiya Rass during the Navratras at Zorba The Buddha. The event was graced by traditional folk garba dancers, who also took a workshop each day for people who dint know how to do Garba. Further, at the event small stalls were put up which displayed the handicraft work of the women from the villages in Rajasthan. The money collected from the event was further utilized.
 Movie Screening for the underprivileged children
Ngo swapn organized a movie screening show for the underprivileged children. 60 underprivileged children were taken to PVR Saket to see Krrish 3. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their movie with coke n popcorns!
This was first of its kind of an experience not only for most of the kids but also for all of us. The joy on their faces was priceless!!
 Diwali Celebrations
NGO swapn celebrated Diwali with the underprivileged kids this year...together we all made rangoli, shared Diwali gifts, lighted diyas and pledged to celebrate this Diwali safe and pollution free
 Experiential Learning Workshop
Ngo Swapn took 80 underprivileged kids to the Zoo, where in the kids not only had a good picnic but also did a lot of learning. Trainers from leaps and bounds came and taught the kids everything about animals in the zoo. Apart from pure fun, the kids also took back a lot with them, learnings which couldn't have been possible in a closed classroom.
 Shoe Campaign
Ngo Swapn organized a shoe campaign wherein our donors came personally to the centre and gifted brand new shoes to the underprivileged children...for many kids this was their First pair of shoes.
 Cover the Child Campaign
To help the underprivileged kids beat the winter chill, ngo swapn got thick jackets for over 100 kids.
 Historical Visit
Inorder to impart some knowledge with fun, ngo swapn organized a visit to Qutub Minar. Guides were hired there to teach the kids everything about the monument. Post the visit the kids were taken to Mc Donald's for lunch
 Blanket Distribution
Though now most kids own thick jackets and shoes, it was observed that most dint have thick blankets at home to cover themselves. Ngo swapn got blankets for the kids and their families to protect themselves from the cold winter breeze
 Photography Workshop
The American school kids conducted a photography workshop with the underprivileged kids wherein the kids were made to dress up the way they aspire to be as adults. They were also taught how a camera works and taught how to click pictures. This was the first time most kids held the camera for the first time. Along with the American School we extend our gratitude to Katherine Evans, Anna Svane, Sarah Griffin and Naintara Maira... For sharing their brilliant idea and resources with us.
 Fund Raising Concert
Ngo Swapn in association with SHAB organized a fund raising concert that featured the famous 'Farhan Saeed' event took place at the Eros Hotel, Nehru Place...the event was a huge success!
 Charity Night with Suryaveer
After the grand success of Farhan Saeed's concert, ngo swapn organized a charity night with the famous singer from Ehsaas Band, ' Suryaveer Hooja'...the event was organized to help generate funds which would be used to help the underprivileged kids fulfill a part of their dream
 Blessed by a Group of Blessed Angels
A team of 8 wonderful ladies from the Blessed Angels Group visited the SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN Centre and gave the children a workshop on Spirituality and Angel Healing. This was the first time we had such a workshop at our centre. The response from the students was also overwhelming with over 100 students attending the workshop. The workshop was further concluded with refreshments for the children.
 Yet Another Birthday Celebration at Our Centre
The month of August brought in a lot of Birthdays for the children at our centre. 3 birthdays were celebrated with the kids at our Tughlakbad centre. The children at centre were elated with the delicious food and the return gifts they got from these celebrations which included coloring sets, water bottles and tiffin boxes
 NGO SWAPN and SERVE SAMMAN  Celebration Independence Day
Ms. Geeta Malhothra, Senior Member, Step By Step School along with her 17 year old grandson Jaibir Singh organized an Independence day Event for the underprivileged children the essence of the Day. It was a beautiful experience to see a 17 year old young boy explain the importance of this special day to all the children along with acquainting them with the national animals, foods, heritage locations as well as history of India in an absolutely creative manner.  
 Girls at SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN  CENTRE Gear up for Pinkathon
60 girls from our NGO  and NGO SWAPN will be participating in Pinkathon, a run in Support of Breast Cancer on 6th September, 15. The girls have been practicing rigorously for the marathon and super excited to be a part of it. In order to help them understand the cause, a special class was also given on making the girls understand the concepts of Brest Cancer.
 Yet Another Batch Graduates from Tughlakabad Center.
It gives us immense joy to announce that yet another batch of 30 students from our Tughlakabad Centre graduated on 28th August, 2015.  To facilitate and honor the students with their degrees, Mr. Pradeep Jolly from Fena Foundation came personally and obliged us with his gracious presence. The students graduated were from the Computer Literacy Section, Sewing Training as well as Make-up.
 International Yoga Day
Children irrespective of their social strata deserve to be a part of our nation's mass celebration. While the world celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June 2015, the kids at our NGO too, for the first time in their lives celebrated it. Very proud and excited to have sent 50 kids from our NGO to Rajpath to celebrate the INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY along with our PRIME MINSTER, SH. NARINDER MODI.

Apart from being lucky enough to view and hear our Honorable Prime Minister's speech, our kids was felt privileged to be covered by all local and international news channels and newspapers.
 Gearing up with Yoga
We started yoga camps at our Tughlakabad Centre in the Month of June, in order to ensure complete physical and mental well being for our students and teachers. Our Children at The Tughlakabad Centre, learnt Yoga enthusiastically to integrate the body, mind & spirit in Free Yoga Camp conducted by trainers from ART OF LIVING.
 Summer Camp for the Domestic Help at SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN  NGO
While we have our plans for travelling during the summer break, our domestic helps/ staff are left with no option but to wander around the streets, watch TV or go back to their respective villages, inspite of their will during this time. Thus, SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN started a Summer Camp, especially designed to Educate the Domestic Staff and their Children Free of Cost at our Centre at Tughlakabad Extension! Courses offered during the camp were: Free Tuition for Higher Classes, Free English Speaking, Free Computer Classes & Free Stitching & Beauty Parlor Training for Girls!
 Clean hands Better Heath !
NGO Servesamman recently hosted a Workshop on Health & Hygiene conducted by Dettol for about 200 children at their Centre!! The kids were taught the importance of Clean Hands & Hygiene through Audio Visual aids & Practical Demonstrations.
 Flashmob at Raahgiri
Students from NGO SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN organized a flash mob dedicated to women empowerment at RAAHGIRI in April. Approximately 85 kids from our NGO took part in the Flash mob and were cheered by an audience of over 2000 people
 Coke Visit
30 of our highly deserving NGO kids were selected and taken to the Coca Cola Factory at Dasra. The kids were chosen after an extensive screening process where in out of 200 students 30 were short-listed based on a competition. The students were taken to the Coca Cola Factory, wherein they were shown around the entire factory and were shown ways in which Coke is made. The kids had a blast, and went home after getting a lifetime of an experience. 
 Magic Show at The SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN  Centre
Our kids had a gala time seeing a magic show for the first time in their lives. One of our supporter celebrated their child's 5th birthday with us, with a magic show, a cake, lots of foods and gift. The kids at our center were very elated, since this was the first real birthday party they attended.
 Craft Your Expressions via Card Making
Young artist Pavni Bajaj did a beautiful workshop for making handmade greeting cards with our NGO kids! It was a great learning & enjoyable experience!
 Our Youngest Donor
It was a pleasure to see our youngest sponsor come to the centre and distribute food and water bottles to the kids at our NGO. This little boy is 2 years old and had come to celebrate his birthday with the underprivileged kids. The little one was elated to see all the kids at the NGO sing happy birthday for him. Hats off to such parents who instill a sense of giving and sharing in their kids from such a young and tender age!
 Our Board of Director Celebtates Her Birthday at The NGO
It was an overwhelming gesture from the kids at our NGO to draw cards for Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh ( Director, NGO Swapn and  Executive Director, SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN NGO) on her birthday. The idea to draw cards was given by a group of students, and the others joined in. It was heart warming to see such love and gratitude come from such little kids. The staff at our Tughlakabad centre also bought a huge cake for Dr. Rachna, which she cut with all the staff members and students on her birthday on 20th Feb 2015.
 Educational Trip to Qutub Minar
While the entire world was busy celebrating the Valentines Day with their special ones, On 14th Feb, 2015 we at SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN , took our kids, our special ones for an Educational Trip to Qutub Minar.  A batch of 100 kids were taken. During the trip, we also hired 3 guides to ensure that each student present there could understand the history about Qutub Minar. Post the trip, the student went back to the centre wherin they were taught again about the monument. In order to beat the heat during the visit, we ensured that the kids had a good meal by giving them a pack of juice, along with a sweet bun, sandwich and muffin.
NGO SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN was delighted to celebrate birthdays of our supporters with the underprivileged kids. One of our supporters celebrated her child's 5th birthday with our kids by giving them a Pizza Meal with Cake. The kids were very elated and blessed the child dearly enjoying every moment of the celebration.  Another supporter celebrated her child's Second Birthday by distributing School Uniforms to the kids. On behalf of our entire team we really appreciate and thank you all for your kind gesture. We welcome everyone to Celebrate your Special Days with US at NGO SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN !
Christmas is a very special day for most kids round the world. However, while children everywhere wait for their gifts from Santa each year, most of Rural India is not even aware of a festival called Christmas. Similar was a case with the children at our NGO. Hence, this year we pledged to introduce the festival to the kids at our center in a grand way!
We celebrated this Christmas with our kids at the NGO with a DANCE WORKSHOP. A senior ex- Shaimak Dawar trainer, Anubhav Sharma had come to our centre with his team to Dance to the beats of Bollywood Music. The kids thoroughly participated with high enthusiasm and zeal. Post  the Dance Workshop, a small party was organized wherein, our supporters had come to celebrate this beautiful day with the children.  All the children were given two pairs of full sleeve thermal vests and leggings and a blanket each, Along with a goody bag with candies and chocolates. Apart from this the children were given a pair of shoes each. For food we had organized, pizzas and juices for all the kids followed by a huge Chocolate Truffle Christmas cake which the kids at our Centre cut together.
 THE MENTAL HEALTH CAMP: An Assessment of Learning Disability
We are very thankful to AMITY UNIVERSITY for holding a Mental Health Camp at our NGO. During the camp the children were assessed for Learning Disability and Emotional Intelligence. Post the session, each kid assessed as dull was assigned a BUDDY MENTOR. Standardized tools were used to assess the children. Before the training a Workshop was conducted for the teachers wherein the teachers of our centre were taught ways to identify children with Learning Disability and taught ways to teach them effectively. It was an honor to have such senior professors along with 5 M.phil students visit our centre. 
Looking at the increasing cold, our sponsors gave the little children at our NGO jackets, as new year gifts. Apart from this we also collected and raised old woollen clothes for children at our centre and on the streets. Over 500 blankets were distributed to the underprivileged population from our NGO.
Our kids at the NGO were taken for a field trip to the Zoo. Apart from being a picnic it was also a unique learning experience for the children, since we had SHAILA CHHABRA from LEAPS and BOUNDS, one of the best Experiential Learning Trainer in Delhi, guide the children. The children were shown were given the histories and the native place of all the animals. The process of Nesting was also shown and explained to the children. The kids were super excited to attend the workshop with Ms. Shaila Chhabra.
Children's Day had been a special day for all us when we were kids and it remains to be so for most kids today. While most kids today celebrate this day by going to malls, amusement parks or for movies, a lot of kids don't even what Children's Day. Hence, as our initiative to bridge the gap between the society and kids from different strata, We at SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN celebrated CHILDREN'S DAY at our NGO by giving the children a platform to showcase their talents like dance, music, singing etc. It was a pleasure to watch the kids come by and showcase their beautiful talents, which we till date were unaware of. A proper function was organized wherein we had invited guests to view these children's talents. 50 out of 110 kids participated by either dancing, singing, acting or mimicking. The response of the kids was overwhelming and we felt honored and proud to mentor these kids. Further, towards the end we gave the kids a bed sheet and a new school bag each, as a Children's Day Present.
Cricket in India is more than just a sport! Even before they learn how to read and write they know which cricketer they would like to be when they grow up. But unfortunately, most kids even though love the sport don't get an opportunity to play it. In order to give the kids a break from their regular classes, on 22nd November '14, our sponsors and volunteers, played Cricket with about 30 kids from our Tuglakabad Centre. Though they all played cricket in the park opposite their centre, the joy in their eyes was visibly evident, and felt like they were playing in a stadium! It was a heartwarming feeling to see the kids forget about all their worries and problems and get totally involved in the game. We would specially like to thank our volunteers and sponsors who volunteered their precious time to play cricket with our kids. While the kids had a lot of fun, so did our sponsors. Their experience was beautifully quoted by one of the sponsors who played there. He said "I have been playing cricket since I was a child, played with my friends, school team, interschool, etc. but never ever have I felt like such an achiever the way I feel today! These kids have arisen my hidden child"
Post the game all our kids and sponsors together sat and had Samosas and a Fruity each!
At times you don't need a reason to celebrate! In order to reward the kids for their hard work in the past few months, we decide to give the kids a Mc. Donalds Meal along with a sweater to welcome winters! Never ever have we seen kids enjoy a burger meal sooo much!!! It was overwhelming to see the kids at our NGO eat a MC'Donalds burger for the first time in their lives!!!!
 "Joined Hands to give Hand"
To provide aid to differently-able people SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN joined hands with Bharat VikasParishad, New Delhi. The activity started with extensive promotion in the villages of Bulandshahr and Dadri. People with physical disabilities (Limbs) were identified and registered and were brought from their respective villages to Bharat VikasParishad, GK-I, Delhi for the measurement of their lost limbs. People with disability were given free limbs, hearing-aid and tricycle on 23rd Feb-2014.
 Healthy Living for a Wealthy Mind
SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN in association with Swapn NGO (Delhi based) conducted awareness camps in the Govt Schools in remote villages of Dadri and Sikandrabad, Uttar Pradesh. The students and teachers were taught about basic hygiene and importance of balanced diet through role plays and presentations.
 Servesamman's trip to Ujhani
Our NGO expanded its arms and reached to the people in interiors of UP. We organised a training programm for 50 teachers which included training in various life skills. The training covered aspects of a good schooling beyond academics so as to make teachers and indirectly through them the hundreds of children capable to face the world. The training took place in small village of Ujhani in Uttar Pradesh. Three of our team members went there and helped teachers to learn important life skills like human development, child development and emotional quotient. We hope our little effort in training teachers in these skills will help teachers to become more capable in handling students and will also give a holistic aspect to their development. Starting at the ground level, teaching 50 teachers we aim to sweep down another 1500 children. We hope our small attempt will add up to make a small difference in making a better future.
 Graduation ceremony
We are very happy and feel proud to announce that yet another batch of students at our servesamman vocational centre got graduated. A batch of 40 students successfully completed their preliminary course in computer training. Each of the students were certified by a leading computer company Microsoft.  After receiving their certificate they are now on the process of seeking jobs but most of them decided to stay back at the centre for further studies. We wish them luck for their future and hope to see more graduating batches coming in near future.
 Free eyecheck up and sugar test
A camp was successfully organised by our NGO in Delhi where we screened 150 elderly people for various eye defects and also a blood level sugar test. The camp was headed by professional doctors and proper procedures were taken care of.
 A stitch in time: stitching competition at SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN  centre
A stitching competition was organized, at SWAPN AND SERVE SAMMAN Sewing training Center in village-Kot, Dadri (Uttar Pradesh) where students designed and developed sample designs for Ladies Suite, Skirts frocks etc. 80 students participated in the competition and all the material stitched during the competition was put up for sale and the money generated was given to the participants.




 To cater more people, we are setting up our hospital at KOT, Dadri near Ghaziabad, so that maximum patients, can be treated free of cost.

Vocational Training Centre

We are setting up vocational training i.e. English speaking, TV repair, mobile repair, computer repair,etc so that after people can stand up on their own feet and can earn a livelihood in their vicinity
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