As the name of the organization suggests, our mission is to fulfill dreams of the under privileged, helping them to become self reliant. We have an incessant goal of providing resources and motivation to the poor counterparts of the society so that they can fearlessly dream and strive to achieve them.
The present situation of the under privileged class of India is pitiable wherein people, especially children and women are reluctant to even dream, let alone trying to fulfill them. We help them in daring to dream and harness their potential in order to create a bright future for India.
Our mission:

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To leverage interactive learning and creative methodologies in order to promote child education.
To focus on the overall development of the children catering to their nutritional, medical and education needs.
To nurture the dormant creativity through various activities such as art, craft and music.
To create a safer environment for the under privileged community by creating a support community.
To bring about valuable change by contributing in the betterment of the health, nutrition and education level of the under privileged community.
To empower the women of the underprivileged community by providing them with education, health care, counseling and motivation.
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