Our organization runs a number of programs directed at the overall development of the society.  We focus on creating strong and healthy individuals from every point of view. Our focus is on polishing the personality, health, intelligence and creativity of every individual so that they can become self reliant and confident citizens. The programs being enforced by our organization are:

   >   Healthcare: Education, Awareness and Medical Service  
Free health checkups
Awareness and educational programs on nutrition, hygiene, substance abuse and sexual health etc
     >   Mental Health  
Assessment of mental health needs and avenues for dealing with it
Psychological counseling to develop and strengthen coping strategies aimed at addressing mental health needs.
Alternative therapies like Art Therapy/ Music Therapy/ Play therapy
Developing self expression and creativity enhancement through various workshops
    >  Education  
Teaching via interactive means
Formal education & classroom learning
Outbound camps for experiential learning
    >  Personality Development  
        Encouraging all-round development through training in  
Arts & Crafts
    >  Preparing for a better tomorrow  
Providing vocational training
Providing training in life skills.
Promoting individual’s well-being.
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